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Massaging a baby is the first thing you should learn when baby going to come in your life or already you have a baby. In India we all familiar with baby massage. In the Indian house, all mothers know the importance of baby massage and we all get that massage when we are newborn babies.

The scientists now discovering the unbelievable benefits of baby massage. Now the question may come that there is any perfect way or any technique to massage baby?  Yes! there is a technique of perfect baby massage, and you going to learn it for free.

Some Doctors take thousands of rupees to do the same massage that you are going to learn. So just seat back relax and read this article Carefully!


Few Benefits Of Baby Massage-

  • Massaging with baby oil helps to improve baby bones faster
  • Makes baby muscles stronger and helps in building new ones
  • Helps to improve stomach strength and immunity
  • Reduces gas in the baby stomach by improving the strength of baby stomach
  • It enhances baby sleep
  • Improve fairness and tone of baby
  • Helps to improve Support framework of the baby (Skeleton Structure)
  • Helps overall development of skin, bones, and Muscules
  • Massage time is also great for bonding with your baby. It’s the best form of love you can give your little one!


Step By Step Guide For You-

Step 1: Know the Right Time

how to massage baby- How to do oil massage or Oil malish of baby India


It’s like taking permission from your baby for massage. That’s important because you would not give massage to the baby when the baby is not interested, right?

There is a really simple way to know this, just take some oil on your palms (Hand) and rub it gently on the baby’s tummy and behind the ears of the baby. While rubbing observe the body language of the baby.

If baby resists you and seems like massaging not comfortable for a baby then stop, maybe this is not the right time for a massage. Wait for Three-Four hours and then try again.

If the baby feels comfortable and enjoys while doing a massage then go ahead with massaging.

Remember, massage is a new experience for your baby, so he or she will resist it initially but after some time they will be used to it and may start enjoying it!


Step 2: Go for Limb Massage


how to massage baby- How to do oil massage or Oil malish of baby India (5)


First, take some drops of oils on your palms and rub your both hands. Then take one palm of the baby food in your hands as shown in the figure.  Then gently rub your palm on the baby sole (Palm). Now, slowly make circles with your thumb on baby feet and toe. Do not do it too harshly as in adult foot massage. Just gently make circles with your thumb on all over your baby feet. This will Stimulate nerve endings.


Lift one of the legs of the baby and make gentle strokes from the baby’s ankle to thighs. Make sure you do this in such a way that your baby should enjoy this all massaging, for that, you can make different sounds and make faces or do whatever you need to keep your baby calm and happy while doing massage.


Step 3: Now go for arms


how to massage baby- How to do oil massage or Oil malish of baby India


After massaging legs now the next step is to massage baby arms and its quite similar leg massage. First, take two-three drops of baby oil on your palms and then rub your both hands. Now take one of the arms of a baby with care and make circular strokes on baby hand (palms ). Then slowly make small and gentle strokes on baby fingers.

Then turn baby arm and gently massage the backside of the arm with straight gentle strokes up to wrist of baby, now gently massage baby wrist with a circular motion.

Then slowly move towards the upper arm and then massage the entire arm with a gentle circular strokes


Step 4: Now go For Tummy Massage


how to massage baby- How to do oil massage or Oil malish of baby India


The next step is going for the tummy of the baby. The most delicate area of baby and hence you should take care while massaging a baby tummy that does not put any pressure during massaging baby tummy, just keep your hand lightly on the tummy and start massaging.

You start your message from the top of the belly or right below from the chest bone. Just put your palms on belly right below to baby chest and make clockwise circular strokes all across the belly.

While massaging takes care of the belly button of the baby. The belly button is really sensitive so just care about that when you massaging tummy!


Step 5: Head and Shoulder Massage



Make a ring with your fingers and make long strokes for the entire hand. After that Just get close your both hand thumbs and kept them at the center of the baby chest and move your thumbs outward towards shoulders. Repeat this action for 7 to 8 times.

Then Make gentle strokes towards the chest bone and across the chest make this strokes in shape of the heart like you made circular strokes for a foot massage


Step 6: Face and Head massage


Massaging a babyface is a kind of difficult thing because the baby tends to move a lot and especially when you touch them on their face, they start getting uncomfortable. So you should do this as quickly as possible but with care.

Place your tip of the index finger on the forehead of the baby and starts stroking along the outline of babyface towards the chin, From the chin move your fingers towards cheeks and massage cheeks gently with circular motion strokes.

After massaging baby cheeks go for the head and gently massage baby scalp with some extra oil and remember that do not apply excessive pressure on the baby skull as the baby skull is really delicate.

You can massage baby forehead with your thumbs as you did with chest massage. Just put your thumbs in the center of the baby’s forehead and start stroking outward.


Step 7: Lastly Massage Baby back



In the last step turn your baby around and make sure the baby is comfortable by observing body language. Kept baby on the tummy and make sure the baby’s hands are not on one side. In short place, your baby on the bed as shown in the above figure, and make the baby comfortable.

Now place your fingertips of fingers on baby back as shown in figure and trace circles outwards in the clockwise direction. Repeat these circles about 4-5 times.

Do not apply excessive pressure on the baby spine instead of that put your fingers on both sides of the back and then make long straight strokes towards baby bum! Repeat this for 7-8 times.

Make sure you massage lower baby back and buttocks lastly with some gentle strokes


these all are best techniques which you can use in daily massage but there are some other techniques of massage which you can use in certain conditions are given below


Conditions Where A small Baby Massage May Help Your Baby

1) When baby suffering from Gas, Constipation or Colic

How to know that your baby has a gas problem

There are lots of other ways to detect that but we are giving you some common symptoms by which you can easily find that your baby has a gas problem or not!


  • Baby starts lifting his back with crying
  • Lifting Legs
  • Tummy looks bigger than normal
  • Doing Burps again and again


Once you figure it out that your baby suffering from a gas issue or other any digestive problem like constipation or colic then you can use this simple and proven massage technique to free your baby from this pain.

Firstly keep your baby on back then by using your fingers trace straight lines on the right side of the navel like latter “I”. After this place, your fingers on the upper left corner of the baby belly (or Just below the lest chest bones) then start making horizontal strokes with a little bit of pressure to the end of the ribcage (at the end of the belly )

Next, Keep your fingers at the lower-left corner of belly and try to trace Latter “U” around the navel towards the lower-left corner of the tummy.

This small massage can make your baby poop and get relief from this pain.

Or if you find this massage difficult to understand then you can give your baby a warm shower. If this shower technique works for your baby then no need a massage!

2) Cough and Cold

If a baby has a cough and cold or congestion following simple steps may help you!

Step 1:

First, get some baby oil or Extra virgin coconut oil on your hand and rub your both hand, which make your hands little bit warm. Then start gently rubbing your hands on baby chest in a circular motion which makes your baby chest a little bit warmer and increases the blood flow in the chest area.

Step 2:

Now massage on the babyface, Start gently rubbing your fingertips from the inner end of the eyebrow down to the nose and end on the cheeks. Repeat this motion for a couple of times

Step 3:

Lastly, massage your baby feet focusing primarily on the sole (Palm) Massaging palm can generate heat which can help to loosen the mucus in chest.

These three steps will generate the required amount of heat within the baby which helps the baby to get a cure quickly.

3) When baby Getting Hiccups

Mostly baby gets Hiccups when irritated nerves of the abdominal cavity cause fluttering of the diaphragm due to accumulated gas or due to excessive air intake during breastfeeding. Massage could help De-Stress the tensed diaphragm, causes hiccups

When the baby is suffering from these frustrating hiccups put the baby in an upright position and massage the baby on the lower back with a gentle circular motion. You can do this by placing the baby on the tummy.  Remember do not apply excessive pressure while massaging.


4) Massage For Better Teeth and Gums

When your baby is getting new teeth you can do this simple massage to grow their teeth a little bit faster and with strong muscles. Just do this simple and effective teeth muscle massage in the morning.

first of all, wash your hands thoroughly and dried them. Then massage baby’s teeth gums with gentle fingers. Massage bottom of the gums. Do not apply excessive pressure on gums and do to massage upper area from teeth are coming.


When to start baby massage?

There are no hard and fast rules for when to start the baby massage. But generally, you should start massaging your baby after one month’s simple reason beyond this is baby skins are underdeveloped before 15 days of birth. After about a month baby skin becomes water-resistant so it’s better to start massage after one month of birth.

What is Right Time to massage your baby

The best time to massage baby is when the baby is at ease and happy, and feeling comfortable because only then the baby may enjoy massage and once the baby starts enjoying massage it will become easy for you to give a daily massage to a baby without any efforts.

There are some conditions that you should take care of like you should not massage your baby immediately after 45 minutes of feeding and also you should not feed your baby before 15 minutes after massage. We recommend you do baby massage between two meals of the baby.

When it comes to the question which time is best for baby massage in a day? Mainly there are three best options you have. You can do massage before a morning bath, the benefit of doing massage before a morning bath is, you can easily wash out all unwanted oil or lotion from baby skin.

Another option is for those babies who have pretty much dry skin. For babies who have dry skin, it’s better to do massage after a bath so the oil or lotion can moisturize their skin for the whole day.

Now the third option is to massage your baby before going to sleep this will warm up the baby’s body and help the baby to sleep well. Also, it will nourish baby skin for the whole night. We suggest you massaging at night before going to sleep is the best option.


Which oil is best for baby massage?

We suggest you not use any baby oil, lotion, or any other coconut oil before one month of birth. Because in that one month your baby skins develop a barrier which is important for protecting your baby’s skin from harmful chemicals or dust or any other material like oil. After one month you can start massaging your baby without any hesitation

Now there are thousands of baby oils available in the market. For parents its really important to choose the best and safe baby oil among those thousands of products. For that, you can read reviews, compare prices, analyze product quality.

But if you don’t want to get into this hectic work, we are here for you, we made a list of best baby oils by analyzing different factors like Price, Offers, Quality, and most importantly customer reviews which will help you to choose best and safe baby oil for your little one!

Chek this list


Some Important Tips

1) Know the baby mood before massaging baby

As we said earlier observe the body language of the baby while massaging if the baby resists you at any massage step then skip that part and move to the next part. If baby feeling uncomfortable while massaging the stop and try after some time

2) Be Gentle while massaging baby

Always be gentle while massaging baby because their skin, bones, muscles, and issues are in the developing stage and that’s why should not apply any excessive pressure while massaging.

3) Be Joyful while massaging

While massaging do whatever you can do to bring a smile on your baby face. Make noises, call the baby by his or her name, smile to feel the baby massaging is an entertaining thing. once the baby gets used to that massage he or she automatically enjoys massaging and easily get happy while massaging.

4) Wipes out the oil after baby massage

After massage wipeout, all the excess oil from baby fingers and hands because babies used to put their hands in the mouth.

5) Maintain a Timing

Make a daily routine and a fixed timing to massage your baby this will make a baby comfortable after some time!

When to stop?

There is no such rule say that at this age you should stop doing baby massage. Moms usually stop baby massage after some years. You might think that is it really necessary to massage a baby for years? So, one thing you should know about baby massage is the greatest benefit of massaging a baby is, It will create a bond between you and your baby and fact are the more time you massage your baby, the strong bond between you and your baby will create!


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