Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller Review


luvlap galaxy baby stroller reviews india Luvlap Baby Stroller Reviews and Offers


Short Features:

  • Easy Single-hand fold
  • Item Weight:12.8 Kg
  • Canopy Type: Foldable
  • Best Option For Outdoor Uses
  • Brakes I Rear Wheel Link Brakes
  • 5 point safety harness for child safety
  • European Standard EN 1888 certified
  • Harness Type: 5 Point Harness (Most Advanced)
  • Allows Baby to Face Parent While strolling
  • Relaxing and sitting I Carrying Capacity up to 15 kgs
  • 360° Front Wheel rotation with Swivel lock
  • Extra Large Stroller With Heavy Duty Wheels
  • Looking window in the canopy I Adjustable Leg Support with Extra Wide Footrest.


Features Of Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller In Detail

luvlap galaxy baby stroller reviews india Luvlap Baby Stroller Reviews and Offers (4)


1) Certified by European Standard


Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller Reviews India

This Luvlap Galaxy Baby stroller is certified by the European Standard. Which ensures a high level of safety and quality of stroller. Very few baby strollers have this certification.


2) 5 Point Safety Harness


Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller Reviews IndiaMost strollers made with old 3 or 4 point safety harness technology, which can provide enough safety, but it may not comfortable for your little one. This Luvlap galaxy baby stroller made with advanced 5 point safety harness which ensures a high level of comfort and safety.


3) Advanced Handlebar


Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller Reviews India

While riding in strollers babies love to see outside but parents need to keep eye on them while they are sleepy. Old style strollers have handlebars that don’t allow you to change the position of handlebar This Luvlap galaxy baby stroller has a movable or adjustable handlebar that allows your baby to either face you or faces front while riding in the stroller.


4) Adjustable 3 Position Seat Recliner


Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller Reviews India

You can keep the backseat as upright, inclined, or flat as per the baby’s mood. This is the most important feature of any baby stroller.  This feature will allow a baby to seat, relax, or even take a nap while strolling.


5) Adjustable Leg and Footrest

Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller Reviews India

You can easily adjust the length and height of the stroller according to your height and another benefit of this is Moving the footrest up and down allows you to choose the most comfortable position for your baby, depending on his/her age and mood.


6) 360 Degree Swivel Front Wheel With Lock and Brake

Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller Reviews India

360-degree swivel front wheels help to turn the stroller easily without any efforts. Safety lock can be used to lock the stroller wheels on uneven surfaces and easy to operate safety brake helps to reduce speed or stop the stroller easily. You can operate these breaks very easily with your foot.


7) Advanced Rear Wheel Link Brake


Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller Reviews India

The Advanced Rear Link Brakes on the rear wheels ensures a single-step operation for extra safety. Just lightly step on the link rod and the stop the stroller in place immediately whenever you want


8) Extendable Canopy & Looking Window


Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller Reviews India

Extendable Canopy will protect your little one from harsh sunlight and dust. Looking window will help you to keep an eye on your baby while strolling.


9) Highly Soft & Cushioned Seat

Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller Reviews India

An extremely soft cushion that will provide a high level of comfort to your little one while strolling and side padding will provide and extra comfort while baby is sleeping in it.

10) Huge Storage Basket


Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller Reviews India

A large storage basket will help you to carry baby essentials or can be used to carry your shopping stuff. Most of the baby strollers don’t have these baskets but this baby stroller has an inbuild basket that will help you to carry lots of stuff.


11) Extra Back Pocket

Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller Reviews India

Parents can keep their extra essentials in that back pocket instead of carrying an extra bag. This small pocket best to keep small important things like Kays or any other small important stuff.


Why Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller?

Luvlap Galaxy baby stroller has lots of premium features that you can’t find in the ordinary baby stroller at this price. We generally not recommend our customers to buy something only by seeing the name of any particular brand but this time we have to say that you can easily trust on this brand

Not just because we say this, but all the strollers and other products by Luvlap have 99% best customer reviews @ Amazon and we always say that if any product has more than 80% good reviews on @Amazon you can buy that product without any hesitation

Premium Features of Luvlap galaxy baby stroller

1) Adjustable Handlebar

Parents always complain to the company to make a movable handlebar so it can be easy to keep eye on their baby while strolling finally Luvlap came up with this Galaxy category which has an adjustable handlebar that allows you to move the stroller from both sides. This particular feature is available in very few strollers @Amazon

2) Advanced Safety Harness

Almost all strollers available @ Amazon have 3-Type Harness or very few of them have a 4-Type harness. Which are safe for your baby but this galaxy baby stroller has a new and advanced 5 Point safety harness that ensures a high level of safety and comfortable ride for your little one!

3) Certified By European Standard

This is another reason for which parents love this baby stroller. Certification by the European standards will ensure its high-level safety and brand quality. If you want to know what are the terms and conditions to pass any stroller in European standard then click here

4) Storage Basket and Backpocket

Moms generally carry lots of things with them like baby essentials and other stuff but carrying an extra bag with a stroller is difficult for them. As a solution to this problem, Luvlap came up with these back storage baskets which are really helpful for moms

5) Three-Position Seat Recline

This feature is the most essential feature of any baby stroller because your baby won’t want to seat every time while strolling. The baby may want to sleep or want to just relax, for this your baby stroller should have this feature of adjusting the backseat into three different positions.

This Luvlap galaxy baby stroller will allow you to change the backseat in three different positions that are straight, Inclined, and flat. If your baby wants to seat keep that seat in a straight position, if want to just relax then keep the seat in inclination and if he/she wants to sleep then keep it flat.



Why Baby’s Love Strollers?

We all know that baby’s love to go outside with parents, they really love to see new things in their first 5 years of age. and it becomes our responsibility to make this little time enjoyable for them. Babys love strollers because strollers will allow them to see new things while seating comfortably.


Why Strollers Are Being Popular In India?

About 1,500 strollers are already sold in the Galaxy category, so you can imagine how these strollers are being popular in India. This is happening just because its helping parents to carry their little one easily with them.

In other countries, baby strollers are the first thing they buy when a new baby came into their life. Because Strollers are genuinely helped you to carry your little one easily with you in Market or In a shopping mall or for a daily walk.


What’s the Issue With Luvlap Baby Strollers?

An issue that almost all faced after buying Baby Stroller is Assembly. It’s quite difficult to assemble all the parts without any guidance or video.

But don’t worry there is a video on the official youtube channel of Luvlap on How to assemble Luvlap Galaxy Stroller. If you follow that video you will easily assemble that stroller on your own!

Because of copyright issues we cant give video links. Just type “How to assemble galaxy baby stroller” on Google and search you will find that video on the top of searches.


Why Do I Need a Baby Stroller?

Baby Stroller is one of the items that you will defiantly need for your baby to make yourself easy to move with your baby. It’s the perfect thing to take your baby out with you without getting tired or uncomfortable.

When My Baby Can Start Using Strollers?

From 3-Months of age

Generally, almost all babies start setting from 3-months of age. For sitting in the stroller baby should have their own strength to hold their head straight.



Let’s Understand Why This Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller is So Popular-

There are thousands of Baby Strollers available in Indian Market but this Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller is the best selling baby stroller @Amazon. The most important reasons behind that are the quality and durability of this stroller.

Around 1,500 People already reviewed it with an above 4-star rating out of 5 stars which don’t have any other stroller yet. If you planning to buy a durable and best baby stroller for your little one then this will be a perfect choice for you!

Is Luvlap Indian Brand?

Most of the baby strollers available @Amazon are made in China and made with poor quality material. Parents buy these strollers because of the low cost and start facing problems within one month. But Don’t worry this Luvlap Indian brand is proving you the best quality baby strollers. We can proudly say that this amazing brand is Indian and these all baby strollers are 100% made India.


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Let’s See Information About Luvlap –

Luvlap is a leading manufacture and best seller of baby strollers in the Indian market. Parents love their strollers for their quality, design, and affordability.

It’s 100% Indian Company so don’t worry if you don’t want to buy Chinese goods. 99% of strollers available @Amazon is made in china. Luvlap is Popular Indian brand which especially makes stroller and baby carriers for parents at affordable price

Apart from this, there are lots of reasons that will force you to buy this stroller than any other. This Luvlap Baby Stroller has lots of premium features which you cant find in any other brand at this price


Luvlap Says about Luvlap galaxy baby stroller-

Life’s blooms with the good news that little one coming in your life. little one completes your parenthood with thousands of joys. At LuvLap, we try to weave the little stories into our products with priority on child safety and with thousands of new and premium features.

We carefully designed, our range of strollers, prams, car seats, buggies, and other outdoor gear, lets your baby discover the world from the lap of luxury. They are comfortable nests that accompany your baby on tours through the city streets and country roads.

Our professional economic design experts help us to bring new features that will help your little one to sit comfortably. So that your little one gets the comfort that’s next only to the warmth of your lap.

Conceived with care and made using the latest marvels of science, all LuvLap products undergo multiple quality checks before they are dispatched to the stores.


How To Assemble Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller?

There is a video available on how to assemble Luvlap Baby Stroller On official Challen of Luvlap baby Stroller So don’t worry after seeing that video you will be easily assembling it



Common Questions From Parents:

Will this stroller pass thru airport security without any Problem?

Yes! Definitely there is no security issue for strollers on most of the airports.

How to assemble this?

You can watch videos on the official youtube channel of Luvlap.

Wheel size and material of wheels?

These wheels are made up of Heavy Duty plastic material and size is 5 Inches

Is the stroller suitable for an uneven road and garden?

Yes! This baby stroller can easily stroll on uneven surfaces and in the garden without any issue.

What’s the weight of the whole stroller?

Its weight is approximately 14 kg.

Up to Which age I can use this stroller?

Though it’s durable and can last for years you can use it up to 3 years of age or until your baby’s weight cross 15 kg.


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Customer Reviews For Luvlap Galaxy Baby Stroller @ Amazon

Saritha M.

5.0 out of 5 stars Very sturdy stroller and good customer support

Reviewed in India on 17 July 2018

Color: Navy/Black | Verified Purchase

 We received the product on Tuesday. The manual that came with the product was bad and did not have many details about the installation. We tried to assemble but unluckily the handle was fixed dog and we were not able to fix the rear wheels at all. We called the customer care number 18001107897 multiple times. Finally, the lady gave us the WhatsApp number for their all India service representative Avijit.

This person was very helpful to hear my concern and send us videos on how to fix the handle and rear wheels. The handle was still stuck and we could not fix it. He was very understanding and did a WhatsApp video call with us and demonstrated how to remove the handle and reinstall it.
The stroller so far looks very sturdy good




5.0 out of 5 stars Very very good product

Reviewed in India on 31 January 2019

Color: Navy/Black | Verified Purchase


5.0 out of 5 stars One word: Awesome

Reviewed in India on 20 December 2017

Color: Red/Black | Verified Purchase