Baby Plastic Maracas Toy Free 7 Musical Instruments Rattle for Newborns

Baby Plastic Maracas Toy


Made from environmentally friendly ABS plastic material, safe and non-toxic.

Smooth surface does not scratch your baby’s skin; each instrument will knock out different rhythms and melodies to develop your baby’s sensitivity to music. 7 Pcs Assorted Rattles with lovely Colours



A variety of instruments provide a wide range of sounds. A perfect size instrument for group or individual games for preschoolers and early elementary school students.

Your child will have a blast playing around with this music kit for kids while also working on fine motor skill development. These steam toys for toddlers will help children develop breath control, hand eye coordination, memory, hand and grip strength, and much more!


The sensitivity of the arm, the speed and strength of the stroke, thereby improving the sensitivity of the arm; improving the logical thinking and imagination, and developing the sensitivity of the child to the notes. 



Every rattle has its unique function from basic to advanced skills. We’ve designed these lightweight rattling teething toys to be small enough for a baby’s little hands to hold. Unlike other toys on the market, ours have soft edges and are individually wrapped with a separate plastic bag to keep the toys hygienic and germ-free. The soft edge teethers provide a calming and soothing experience for your child! Parents can play with the baby during the game.


Fun musical instruments that are not only perfect for kids but also for parents. These are not too loud to be annoying. It can also be shared with friends and create a band or you can start your very own family band. Start introducing music to your precious little ones. This is also portable so with it’s carrying case you will be a party on the go

 700  320


This is the best Baby Plastic Maracas Toy. It can indulge your baby in shaking, jiggling, and playing while experiencing different types of grips, sounds, and textures. There are no sharp edges in corners and they are optimally sized to be safe for babies to handle. Your baby would just love to grasp these toys and listen to the various sounds made by each rattle. 


This is a set of brightly colored rattles that is ideal to amuse infants. Its contrasting patterns and vivid shades can keep a baby’s attention to soothe them.


Pretend play is important in your child’s development. It helps your child build confidence, creativity, and social skills they will carry with them forever. Your little one will love healing their stuffed animals and they might even use them on you too.


These toys are known to be completely safe for babies. They are free of BPA, Latex, and Phthalate and have soft edges that are easy to grip in those tender baby hands.


This baby rattle set features rattles of various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Its different sounds, variety in grips, and the contrasting patterns can be stimulating for your baby’s sensory experience.


The length of each toy is as follows. The maracas are 15 cm, tambourine (1) is 13.5 cm, tambourine (2) is 15 cm, the flute is 25 cm, the trumpet is 15.5 cm and castanet is 6 cm.


This is the best Baby Plastic Maracas Toy set contains some realistic features of musical instrument toys. You can blow the trumpet and flute and shake the tambourine and maracas to enjoy the realistic sound of the instrument.


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