Best Non Toxic Travel Bed With Mosquito Net For Baby India

  • Allows fresh air to circulate on bed
  • High-quality Cotton Fabric Bed
  • Effectively blocks out insects and mosquitoes
  • Supported by a strong plastic wireframe
  • Ideal for newborns till 3 months
  • Travel Friendly
  • Beautiful Design
  • Adorable Color
  • Manufactured by a well known brand

 1,300  375


Best Bed for baby with free mosquito net

This is the best travel-friendly baby bed with inbuilt mosquito net


Easy Air Flow

Mosquito nets are best protective things you can use for your baby but there is always a problem of fresh air circulation in mosquito net so baby sleep gets disturbed

This modern mosquito net has vel ventilated mesh which allows air to circulate freely in mosquito net and makes baby feel comfortable in it!

Blocks Mosquitos Effectively

The mosquito net is meshed loosely to flow the air easily but it also effectively prevents the mosquitos to get in and effectively protects your baby from mosquitos

Strong Plastic Wire Frame

This mattresses frame is made up of high-quality plastic wire which is light in weight and has high tensile strength so it is durable also.


Most of the baby beds with mosquito nets cost you about Rs 1500 and above but this manufacturer providing you this beautiful and Best Non-Toxic Travel Bed With Mosquito Net at a very reasonable and affordable price without compromising with quality.

Age Recommendation

This Net is mostly suitable for Babys whose age is between 0 to 3 months

Comfortable Sleep

The high-quality cotton fabric makes this simple bed extra cushiony so your baby can sleep comfortably while being protected by mosquitos


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