Dancing Dog with Music and Flashing Lights (Battery Included) – Baby Toy


  • The dog carries a crystal ball on its nose which lights up.
  • A rotating wheel at the base of the dog enables it to move around.
  • Features lights and music
  • Develops hand-eye coordination and visionary skills.
  • Non-toxic: Made of non-toxic and 100% safe material
  • Vibrant and brilliant lightening effect.
  • The height of the toy is about 6 inches.
  • Inserted 3 aaa batteries. Batteries are included
  • This toy is of enormous enjoyment to kids and grown-ups alike.

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Best Toy to make Baby Calm

Dancing Dog with Music and Flashing Lights is the most entertaining toy for your baby. Baby needs something to grab his attention while feeding or while crying this is the perfect toy to make calm your baby immediately. This dancing and flashing lights quickly grab the baby’s attention and make him or her calm immediately


Best Modern Baby Toy 

This dog toy dance with music and lights. Baby loves to see mainly 3 things we all know Music Colorful, Lights and Moving objects And This Modern Dog Toy Is Perfect Combination of these three things. Music, Lights, and moving or dancing something attracts babies’ attention and makes them calm.

Battery Included 

This Dancing Dog with Music and Flashing Lights comes up with a battery that you can replace easily.

Make Your Baby Calm

Parents always need something so calm their baby immediately when they are crying and this dancing dog do exactly the same work for you. Check Out Which Lights You Should Use In Baby Room Click Here


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