Stainless Steel cheap Baby Slow Flow Milk Bottle Nipples For Newborns India

  • Premium Quality steel and rubber material for grip are used.
  • 100% HYGIENIC-Silicone nipple
  • The silicone nipple of this steel feeding bottle does not break easily, neither it gets torn out.
  • A normal nipple available in the market can also be used as a nipple replacement.
  • Stopper-Silicone stopper for storage of milk and other liquid snacks without spilling.
  • Silicon stopper and 304-grade stainless steel used in this steel feeding bottle
  • This Premium quality bottle is completely hygienic and safe to use for your baby kids.
  • This special design in ergonomic shape with a silicone sleeve for extra comfortable Grip for baby’s tiny hand.

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Brand Name:-


(Baby Slow and smooth Flow Milk Bottle)

Package Info:-

Package of 1 Feeding Bottle (150ml or 240ml) + 1 Silicon Stopper + 4 Smooth Flow Nipples


Product Info:-

Switch to Stainless Steel Feeding Baby Slow and smooth Flow Milk Bottle. Holds Milk/Water/ Juice/ Soup. Lightweight. Easy to hold for your Baby. Superior Quality 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel, Rust Free Product considering Health and Hygiene of your Baby. The Nipple of the Bottle is made of Food Grade Silicon material.

Spill-Proof Screw Type Nipple Cap and Push type outer lid makes the bottle completely leak proof. Easy to Carry, Easy to Handle, and Easy to Clean. No smell. No mess. Smooth Design with no sharp curves or edges keeping in mind Easy and Safe cleaning of the bottle.


1) 100% Leak and Rust Proof

The bottle is made with premium quality 304-grade stainless steel which makes this bottle leak and rustproof

2) Electro Polished Inside For Easy Cleaning

The bottle is electro polished and made highly smooth and non-stycky so you can easily clean it

3) Internal Volume Marks ( ML)

Internal Volume Marks help you to mix anything in the exact amount or measure the liquid quickly

4) Beautiful Sleeve For Grip

Beautiful Silicone Sleeve has even for better grip for your baby’s tiny hands and also it enhances its overall look.

5) Durable

The bottle is made by stainless steel makes this bottle highly reliable and durable you can use it for years

6) Eco-Friendly and Recyclable

100% Plastic Free and hence it’s eco-friendly and after You use it for years you can easily replace it



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